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Alt-News Review Mission

Alt-News Review is dedicated to:

  • the analysis of alternative news (alt-news) with a focus on the cluster of social justice/anti-empire alt-news publications and their role in healing the ills of the contemporary world,

  • compiling, analyzing and synthesizing (gestalting) the themes and information within the social justice/anti-empire news publication cluster,

  • identifying, finding common grounds, and harmonizing the different perspectives between ideological belief systems,

  • the attainment of intra- and inter-personal, national and international peace with self-determination, dignity, justice and happiness for all people in harmony with the environment and,

  • the search for new balances between differing ideologies such that all individuals and groups experience maximum freedom and happiness without infringing upon the freedoms and happiness of others.

The name “Alt-News Review” was chosen because of its slight ambiguity and thus this review journal serves two primary functions:

1.      On one hand this journal is a review of primarily social justice/anti-empire alt-news publications. To that end, I have and hopefully will be able to continue to compile:

New Cold War

  • Russia

  • China

Middle East Conflicts

  • Palestine

  • Syria

  • Yemen

  • Iran

Central Asia Conflicts (Iran is the bridge between Central Asia and the Middle East)

Conflicts in Afrika

  • Somalia

  • Libya

  • Mali

  • Ethiopia

  • Egypt

  • DR-Congo

  • Others

East European Countries

  • Ukraine (which appears at this time to be the primary hegemon’s intended location for the next major proxy war)

  • Others

South and Central American conflicts

  • Venezuela

  • Bolivia

  • Columbia

  • Brazil

  • Others

Conflicts within the USA…

  • caused by political and corporate corruption,

  • causes and symptoms of and solutions to the infinitely immoral and unrealistic American drive for hegemony in perpetuity,

  • health care inadequacies including the unbalanced approach to disease prevention and treatment,

  • sexism and sometimes overly zealous attempts to “fix” the problem,

  • racism, and the uses and abuses of “woke” ideologies,

  • religious bigotry with an emphasis on western civilizations’ history of defaming Islam and other religious, spiritual and philosophical belief systems,

  • ever widening wealth gap and potential solutions to the innumerable conflicts it creates,

  • judicial abuse and other miscarriages of justice, and

…other topics relevant to the Mission Statement above.

2.      The sections and writing styles in Alt-News Review journal include but are not limited to:

  • Investigatory news

  • Ed./Op.

  • Satire

    And other reasonable research and communication styles that can help in the attainment of the Mission Statement above.

    With regret I cannot accept article submissions at this time. If and when I can afford two or three additional PCs or notebook computers, and some superior form of anti-virus software, I would like to do that.

Inquiries, comments and suggestions may be sent to:


gregbrundage@live.com or,

director@silkroadresearchcenter.org (With regret I don’t open e-mail attachments.

If you have lengthy writings you would like to share, please post them somewhere first, e.g., a Wix, Weebly or WordPress site which all have free basis memberships available.

Donations to keep Alt-News Review afloat may be sent via:

paypal.me/silkroadtraveler  / director@silkroadresearchcenter.org

Name: Brundage Gregory Christopher

Alt-News Review and Silk Road Research Center are not 501 C(3) or (4) organizations and are not tax deductible, but definitely good karma.