Treatment Plan for Euro-American Leaders’ Pathological Greed and the Hate Pandemics They Cultivate to Feed It

A novel humanistic approach to educating/deprogramming western politicians, and the corporate, intelligence and media elite as an alternative to increasing economic polarization, starvation, and war


This article postulates the existence of a “Greed-Hate Disorder” (GHD) and presents a layered therapeutic plan for those individuals most responsible for promoting it, specifically American political, industry and media leaders. Part 1 of this article reviews the practical utility of law and potential psychoanalytic, behavioral, neurochemical, anthropological, and more recent political etiological factors leading to this pernicious hypothetical disorder. The cynical use of manufactured consent to keep the current Euro-American plutocratic system going is also briefly discussed. Part 2 establishes the practical and existential need for treatment of the hypothesized Greed-Hate Disorder, and reviews evidence suggesting the majority of US presidents including President Biden and most of his top administration officials are and have been for a long time afflicted with this disorder. Part 3 of this article looks at empirical criteria to measure who are most in need of the therapy presented in this article, and a variety of ways to motivate them to participate in it. Part 4 presents the therapeutic treatment design specifics, including pretest clinical trials, medical and psychological assessments of potential participants partly to establish baselines for evaluation of the recommended treatment process after completion. This is followed by a more detailed outline of specific procedures used in this suggested treatment program which includes initial systematic desensitization towards target groups followed by immersion learning in foreign cultures. Evidence is presented that at least two psychopharmacologic medicines may increase the speed and efficacy of the initial treatment process. One of the a priori assumptions underpinning the abbreviated treatment process presented in this paper is that President Trump and more recently President Biden have enacted highly aggressive overseas placements of military and covert action assets. These actions have created imminent threats to world and US national security vis a vis their proximity to several nuclear flashpoints that can all too easily be ignited either by accident, one of the belligerents or a third party motivated by the perceived need for American hegemony to continue indefinitely. The success or failure of this suggested GHD treatment program depends on the role in history President Biden would like to take. He has a choice to either make American Great Again and help restore balance, health and happiness to the world or oversee the final decline and fall of the American Empire and resulting global economic depression and anarchy that will last until China and Russia can glue the pieces of a new, hopefully vastly more peaceful global economy back together.

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