Strategic Competition Act of 2021 - Pt. 2

The Illegal Four Billion Dollar Disinformation War Against China

All of the political and media mechanisms that led to the Iraq War are still in place and have been turned on China. The Strategic Competition Act of 2021 is simply a new weapon designed to suppress any and all alternative views in the media, and disinform and bribe other nations and even the United Nations to participate in this rapidly escalating series of crimes.


On April 21, 2021 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to advance the Strategic Competition Act of 2021 co-sponsored by Robert Menendez (D)   and James Risch (R), and backed by majority leader Chuck Schumer (Dem - New York). That 281-page document claims to investigate alleged anti-competitive actions by China, yet outlines a long series of illegal anti-competitive acts against China by US government funded and affiliated entities, many of which have already been in operation for years. The 14 sections of that disinformation war against China reviewed in this article allocate $3,993,000,000. to pursue that anti-competitive agenda under the guise of countering fake information, whereas that act itself is a litany of US government generated fake information. This article presents links to a wide range of mostly western publications debunking US government funded false allegations listed in the Strategic Competition Act of 2021. That $3,250,000,000 of that $3,993,000,000 is being given to India to coordinate with China’s neighbors in the Indo-Pacific region to silence and attack China in a disinformation war is illegal and suffocatingly anti-competitive.

The Strategic Competition Act of 2021 additionally allocates $5,000,000 to influence the UN to participate in this criminal endeavor. There is an abject lack of proof underpinning any of this Congressional document’s allegations against China, and even most European governments don’t believe any of it though some have been bullied into submission by the US.

Human rights law prohibits ‘incitement to war.’ The long list of defamatory, unproven allegations against China and the heavy-handed overt and covert methods described to limit China’s international media and business rights described in the Strategic Competition Act-2021 are highly provocative, morally reprehensible and legally indefensible.  Exactly how American tax payers will react to having four billion dollars wasted on this criminal enterprise is another matter entirely, especially in view of the extreme humanitarian needs caused by other American “regime-change” endeavors and medical/social negligence back home in the USA.

Given this disinformation war against China has already produced deadly anti-Asian bias in the USA and can all too easily ignite a larger international military conflict, one can only hope if and when the flames of this witch hunt/lynch mob/3rd Red Scare abate, those responsible for generating and approving the enactment of the Strategic Competition Act-2021 will be held to full account for their willfully illegal actions. In effect, the white supremacist US Congress has already placed shackles on China’s ankles via shameless anti-competitive economic sanctions and is currently attempting to put a gag in its mouth while promoting a global-scale defamation campaign.

All of this will probably backfire as did the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act (1930). Discarding all laws and norms of civilization with impunity is never without consequences.

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