Strategic Competition Act of 2021 - A Hate Crime - Part 1

April 21, 2021 – A Day That Will Live in Infamy

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I’m not just embarrassed to say I’m American, I’m ashamed of it. Practically every day the US government commits some new atrocity in its shameless pursuit of “hegemony in perpetuity,” an English language phrase few people understand meaning “rulership of the entire world forever.” It sounds crazy because it is, but it is also official policy and explains most of the absolutely reprehensible actions by the US government. On the long list of abominable crimes by the US government most recently I found the Strategic Competition Act of 2021.

On Wednesday April 21, 2021 the United States’ Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted with overwhelming support (21-1) to pass the badly misnamed “Strategic Competition Act of 2021.” That document should more appropriately be called the “Fading Empire’s Desperate Lashing Out to Cover Its Own Absolute Corruption and Crumbling International Influence,” or possibly the “Biggest Pack of Lies to Come Out of the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence Since 2002 When Joe Biden Was Chair of That Committee and Argued Vehemently in Favor of the Iraq Invasion,” or more simply the “Strategic Anti-Competition Act.”

After reading a short Global Times story about this innocuously titled Act, I was curious, downloaded it and was shocked and nauseated by its utter duplicity. Please be aware I’ve worked as a journalist in several American backed conflict zones and don’t shock easily. But the Strategic Competition Act of 2021 is a lewd obscenity far beyond even my own rather cynical expectations concerning the depravity and pervasive self-deceptions of American crony capitalist foreign policy makers.

That document is nothing less than an act of economic, social and political war against China.  It’s like they cloned 21 copies Senator McCarthy and packed them all onto the Senate Relations Committee at once. It is shameful.

Of all the grand and ultimate hypocrisies,  this scurrilous bundle of wild exaggerations and complete fabrications squeezed out of the bowels of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has the unmitigated gall to include:

SEC. 135. Sense of Congress condemning anti-Asian racism and discrimination. (a) Findings.—Congress makes the following findings: (1) Since the onset of the COVID–19 pandemic, crimes and discrimination against Asians and those of Asian descent have risen dramatically worldwide. In May 2020, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said “the pandemic continues to unleash a tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scare-mongering” and urged governments to “act now to strengthen the immunity of our societies against the virus of hate.”

…when in fact that entire document is an instrument of anti-Asian hate, a hate crime and classic “Red Scare” propaganda.  It is no more factual than former President Trump’s shameless lie of the “China Virus,” or other false reports about China hiding Coronavirus data. It is exactly those kinds of lies that propagate hate and Sinophobia leading to further violence against Asians in general and China in particular. This would be funny in another context. That document has 502 Sections representing a mind-numbing litany of anti-Chinese hate speech, and a third of the way through they condemn anti-Asian hate speech. It is surreal.

The surviving victims and victim family members of anti-Asian hate crimes in the US should file a class action lawsuit against Presidents Trump, Biden and the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence for culpability in crimes against Asians in the US.

There are hundreds of others being reported and probably even more not reported around the USA. Above and beyond the hate-based nature of these crimes, why are young Americans savagely beating elderly Asians and murdering Asian women in particular? Presidents Trump, Biden, the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence and many other hate-mongering branches of the US government have a lot to answer for.

I could rhetorically ask to what levels of depravity have American politicians and people sunk(?) but know this tendency has roots going back to the very founding of the United States of America.

And where exactly is the solid conclusive evidence to support:

SEC. 303. Imposition of sanctions with respect to systematic rape, coercive abortion, forced sterilization, or involuntary contraceptive implantation in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.”

Thus far, I have not seen one shred, not even one barely credible bit of evidence supporting the lurid accusations made in Section 303. What I have seen is extensive use of phrases like: “intelligence sources report…,” “credible witnesses assert” and other vague and utterly not-credible, un-sourced accusations. Simultaneously I have seen dozens of very detailed investigative reports with solid evidence that all of those US government reports are funded by right-wing fanatic American government-funded sources including the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and others.

…to list just a few of the more recent ones. Whenever the US gets ready to try to topple a government, they always push the “rape” button. Again, they do this completely without evidence; it’s just SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the DoD (Department of Defense). They always make this same list of charges against “target” nations, and China is viewed by American intelligence as Enemy Number 1 now. How did it come to this?

President Trump decided the US cannot compete fairly with China, and so decided to lie, cheat and break every rule and agreement of the WTO in the process. President Biden decided to follow in his contemptuous footsteps while the Senate Subcommittee on so-called “intelligence” shamelessly marches lockstep behind.

Section 303 is a complete fabrication. I’ve been to Xinjiang and have Muslim friends in Urumqi. Life is normal for them except, like everywhere else they have to wear masks in stores, on transportation and in other public areas. And then there’s this ridiculous drivel:

(13) The PRC is using legal and illegal means to achieve its objective of becoming a manufacturing and technological superpower. The PRC uses state-directed industrial policies in anti-competitive ways to ensure the dominance of PRC companies. The CCP engages in and encourages actions that actively undermine a free and open international market, such as intellectual property theft, forced technology transfers, regulatory and financial subsidies, and mandatory CCP access to proprietary data as part of business and commercial agreements between Chinese and foreign companies.

The function of governments is to help manage the nation. All nations do this. Certainly the US government has on numerous occasions “stepped in” to help one ailing American industry after another, with milk and Harley Davidson springing to mind right away, but there are a hundred or more other examples including the notorious bank bailouts to the tune of at least $700 billion.

American sanctions on Huawei are clearly examples of anti-competitive business practices by the US government. The US routinely sanctions governments and companies that even try to compete in the international marketplace. These are gross violations of WTO rules and agreements, but US administrators believe American Exceptionalism can excuse any and all violations of laws and norms of civilized behavior not to mention petty little WTO rules. And it’s not just China that the US targets with blatantly illegal anti-competitive sanctions.

“Threat of More (Illegal) US Sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline - US FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) include more sanctions that aim to sabotage the pipeline’s completion,” by Stephen Lendman

What’s wrong with Russia selling gas to Europe? Very simply this: Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic – made vastly worse by Trump’s abject failure to even try to respond intelligently to contain it - the US tried to force Europe to buy its “fracking gas,” which produces extreme health and environment hazards. So, to sabotage the competition, the US sanctions any company that works with the Russian Nord-Stream II pipeline. That, is illegal anti-competitive behavior, on par with sanctioning Huawei.

German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) conducted an investigation into the Huawei spying claims, facing pressure from the U.S. to follow its lead in banning Huawei from the country. The president of the BSI, Arne Schönbohm, told German media that there was no evidence to demonstrate a security risk posed by Huawei. How did the U.S. security apparatus counter this investigation? By saying it doesn’t need to provide evidence that Huawei poses a security threat because the Chinese government can potentially demand information from Huawei at any time. The most egregious aspect of the war on Huawei is that, amidst America’s repeated failures to produce a shred of evidence that Huawei is a front for Chinese espionage, there is documented proof that the U.S. government hacked into Huawei’s servers and monitored its communications. As far back as 2007, the National Security Agency hacked into Huawei’s servers to find connections between Huawei and the Chinese government, according to documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The British found exactly the same thing, nothing. The “security risk” claim by the US is a complete fiction, a shameless lie, an anti-competitive politically motivated illegal fabrication by the US government.

In other words, the American government is, and has been for a long, long time, doing exactly what the American Senate Committee on Intelligence falsely claims China is doing: using state-directed policies in anti-competitive ways to ensure the dominance of AMERICAN companies.

As for copyright infringements, it’s interesting to note that according to an April 5, 2021 NPR report, the Supreme Court handed Google a win over Oracle in a multi billion-dollar copyright case in which Google copied 11,500 lines of Java source code created by Oracle. It took ten years and millions of dollars in court fees for that decision. So, I guess copying and profiting from someone else’s copyrighted material is OK if Google does it because they have an illegal monopoly on search engine results and messing with them is a bad idea. They could have just paid to use that bit of source code, but you know, poor Google is only valued at $101.8 billion although its parent company Alphabet Inc. is worth over $600 billion. I almost feel sorry for them.

I noticed on the information page of the inflammatory provocative “Strategic Competition Act of 2021” document: “Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations (04/15/2021).” Just one reading would require more than an hour and a very high tolerance for ingesting complete rubbish, so it’s hard to imagine sitting through that reading twice. Maybe clones are better at tolerating things like that than me.

As for me, I would happily trade my American passport for a Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Iranian, Syrian, Ethiopian, Tunisian, Omani, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Italian or 100 other passports with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I’m sick of being embarrassed by the USA and watching its shameless attempts to bring the whole planet down with its own utterly corrupted system of democracy and ruthless gangster capitalism.

Like an angry Samson American foreign policy makers want to bring the temple down and kill everyone on the planet if it cannot get what it wants, that is, to be the Emperor of the World Forever! Like the story of the two mothers judged by Solomon, the US is willing to cut the world in two in vain hope of ruling it all.

What I can’t believe is that Americans have so lost their self-confidence and spirit of innovation they think they cannot compete fairly and have to resort to such shameless political and economic chicaneries, and even worse, military thuggery to compete in the international marketplace. The savage beatings of elderly Asians and murders of Asian women in the US are symptoms of a disease called the quest for American hegemony in perpetuity which is manifest in the US government relentlessly smearing and scapegoating especially China which was greatly amplified by Trump’s vicious “China virus” lies and most recently the Strategic Competition Act of 2021.

Just imagine on Judgement Day I show up at the pearly gates with this blood-drenched American passport in my pocket. Imagine the Good Lord asks me: “Do you know what that scurrilous nation has been doing to totally innocent children, elderly, women and men all around the world for centuries?” What the heck am I going to say with evidence like that in my pocket? I’ll be damned! If any foreign ambassadors read this story, please be so kind as to offer me a different passport.

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Greg Brundage started traveling internationally for more than a year at a time at age six in 1963. By age 12 he had lived in and traveled through some 12 countries. After 15 years of university, he started working for the Black press in the US as a reporter in 1988 and moved to South Asia in 1992 where he worked as a freelance journalist. He’s lived in Beijing for the past 12 years and in South Korea for seven years before that working as a teacher and journalist.

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