Proposal to Construct a Cyber-Based New Just United Nations Assembly (JUNA)

As an Alternative to the Current Unjust United Nations

The Peaceful Unity of All Nations, by Artists for World Peace, April 28, 2012 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Proposal prepared for submission to all world leaders and regular people that genuinely wish to promote equality, national self-determination, peace, harmony, health, happiness, and economic prosperity within and between all nations.

There’s a lot most people don’t know about the details of the internal structure of the UN, like the fact it was designed to be a failure at keeping the peace from the beginning. It was from the beginning designed to be a tool of western hegemonic expansion. If the reader doesn’t believe it, read this proposal and check the original UN Charter.

I. Mission of the JUNA

1) In the beginning JUNA is designed to act as a parallel but more effective United Nations, and over time, either

a) Replace it, or

b) Foster corrections in the structural design of the current grotesquely unjust United Nations such that it can begin, for the first time in history to:

c) Attain the lofty goals outlined in the noble original UN Charter (like preventing wars).

II. Core Beliefs and Aspirations of JUNA

1)     Justice delayed is justice denied,

2)     Present real deterrence to initiating wars so as to prevent them and stop existing wars promptly,

3)     No more economic sanctions (that strangle the poor to punish national leaders that do not kowtow and acquiesce to American hegemonic goals),

4)     No more backroom deals,

5)     Transparency is everything and,

6)     Average, regular, normal, mentally healthy people around the world should have a Just voice that is heard around the world, not just the voices of the psychopathic, ultra-rich murderous and rapacious corporate capitalists and their puppet politicians in fake democracies via the equally fake “news” media they so totally own. (Though some readers might think I exaggerate, there is substantive proof of every allegation in the previous sentence.)

Even most Americans do not trust their own politicians and “news.” How much worse is it in American controlled fascist dictatorships and fake democracies overseas?

III. Facts

Both the League of Nations and the current United Nations have been abject failures in regards to several key issue areas:

1) Preventing war, ending current wars and promoting peace and diplomacy,

2) Fulfilling the role of a just arbitrator of international disputes, as the ICJ, ICC and WTO have demonstrated,

3) Justly communicating issues involved in most international military and trade conflicts and,

4) Justly polling and communicating global attitudes in regards to those issues.

IV. Suppositions of this Proposal

1) The failures referred to above were built into the United Nations either by extreme negligence or ill-intent and the United Nations has been at many times and in many ways a promoter of war (e.g., the Palestinian Nakba and Kashmir) and an extremely unjust decision-making body primarily supporting the hegemonic interests of the United States and its close allies,

2) Due to flaws built into the structure of the United Nations (e.g., the unbalanced nature of the five permanent seats on the Security Council (UNSC) and the single vote veto power within the UNSC) it is incapable of restructuring itself to become a Just decision-making body. It has a history of 76 years of abject failure to prevent wars, and consequently there is no reason to believe it can or will become a Just or effective decision-making body in the future,

3) Since WWII the United States, primarily with its allies the UK, France, Israel and India have forcibly, openly and covertly attempted to assert hegemony over other nations such that other nations become vassal states or face American engineered civil or international wars, coups, and or deadly economic sanctions. Anyone or nation that even attempts self defense is unjustly labeled as a “terrorist,” and either killed, subjected to economic sanctions, or victimized by covert actions.

In addition, Presidents Clinton, Trump and Biden have been charged with rape by credible victims whose allegations have for the most part been suppressed by corporate owned mainstream news media and ignored by the Justice Department. Likewise Presidents Clinton, Trump and Biden have been accused of many other forms of extensive corruption, which the neutralized Justice Department helps to cover up.

4)     An issue area the UN never tried to address is worldwide random sample polling of attitudes in regards to specific international issues as a measure of the justness of actions by state sponsored actors in the international arena. It has never given a voice to ordinary people.

5)     The United States had consistently demonstrated it only respects military and economic power and operates with utter disregard to all international laws and norms of civilized behaviors. No nation on earth can compete with the United States both militarily and economically.

6)     Given that Russia has nuclear parity with the United States and an otherwise robust military power, and thus is the only nation in the world that can compete with the United States militarily, it is suggested that Russia host the new Cyber Just United Nations Assembly (JUNA), however any nation that might wish to do so is invited to do so. There can be multiple host nations. All nations are invited to provide logistical support.  Russia, China, most European nations (excluding the UK and France) and most African, Latin American and Asian nations have in many ways more credibility than the United States especially since 1991 in the eyes of the world as they have not demonstrated global hegemonic designs.

7)     The United States particularly since 2010 has gone about censoring worldwide communications blocking alternative voices while flooding the international news media with outrageous allegations against other nations based on unproven assertions with no evidence or basis in fact in its attempt to assert and maintain global hegemony. Simultaneously it promotes the proliferation of fascism as part of its illegal “regime change” campaigns.

8)     A vastly more fair and just global assembly of nations must be constructed to give all nations and people in the world a more fair and just voice in international issues,

9)      Given that the United Nations spends an enormous amount of time and money on formal physical structures such as buildings and endless pointless meetings that accomplish somewhere between little and nothing to accomplish their primary tasks most of the time, it is proposed that the new JUNA not invest in elaborate physical structures and not waste a great deal of time in formal pointless meetings. Instead, proposals should be introduced, prioritized and voted on by member nations online directly and expediently, parallel to worldwide polling of international attitudes in regards to those proposals. Those international attitudes should be based on randomly sampled regular people selected from around the world.

10)      Over time the United Nations has increasingly inserted the word “democracy” into its documents, dangerously assuming without proof that democracy is the only form of representative government. Wealth alone is not the significant measure of the representativeness of a government. Gangster bosses are usually wealthy; that does not mean they run just organizations and/or engage in legal or ethical business practices. At the same time major western “democratic” intelligence organizations and monopolist corporations have gained near total control of the world’s mainstream media resulting in their near total control over who runs for and wins elections. This has resulted in numerous corrupt (“fake”) democracies.

11)      An honest, just-minded king, dictator, socialist or communist leader can provide better representative government than a corrupted democracy. The example of China is worth noting. China is the only nation in the world that successfully defeated the COVID-19 virus, and it has a unique hybrid socialist/capitalist and liberal government. The word “liberal” means freedom, and the freedom to live, that is not be killed in a global pandemic, is the most fundamental human right of all. The so-called “liberal” democracies of the USA, India and most of Europe responded very poorly to the COVID-19 epidemic and the results were catastrophic for millions of people and their economies. Clearly those so-called “liberal” and so-called “democracies” are neither so liberal or honestly democratic as they claim to be. Both China and Cuba for example are socialist nations and they are likewise very peaceful countries not pursuing international conflicts.

12)      The Group of Seven (G7) is a club of wealthy democracies consisting of  United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan. Five of then got exceedingly wealthy from colonialism. They are all white of course, except for Japan. Collectively those seven countries own 62% of the global net wealth – or a total of $280 trillion. The US, UK and France are still colonial powers in Afrika, Latin America and parts of Asia. Crime does pay when one controls the courts, as the US controls the ICJ and ICC. The total net wealth of Afrika is a paltry US$2.2 trillion (2019) in comparison.

The G7 nations have very few natural resources, yet own more than 100 times the wealth of Afrika which has enormous natural resources and 54 countries.

Afrika is still one vast colony of the USA, France and UK and still not allowed to spell its own name correctly: “Afrika.” To spell Afrika with a “k” is considered an act of rebellion against the slave masters of Afrika, the US, France and UK. It is hardly surprising G7 is so wealthy and Afrika so impoverished. Crime pays when you control the UN Security Council, ICJ and ICC, can make or break any nation’s system of governance, control the majority of the world’s media and have the world’s most sophisticated weaponry. This is colonialism on steroids. This is international criminal racketeering and should be prosecuted in the US under the RICO laws, and internationally by the ICC. But that has never happened. Why not?

“Of the 13 countries with a known presence in Africa, the United States (US) and France have the most troops on the continent. According to the French Ministry of Defense, France has an estimated 7,550 military personnel spread across the continent in various military operations and missions (excluding UN operations). The US has a higher number spread across 34 known outposts across the Northern, Western and Horn regions of Afrika.”

Colonialism is gangsterism and it is no different now than ever before in history, except much worse and slightly better concealed.

13)     Both a Just International Criminal Court (J-ICC) and Just World Trade Organization (J-WTO) need to be built into the JUNA system. Instead of the usual court structures and procedures, the General Assembly of the JUNA can a) combine civil and criminal procedures and 2) vote on the innocence or guilt of accused parties after considering evidence and hearing testimony by accusers and the accused, and being advised by their own legal councils. Judges can be nominated and elected by JUNA member nation representatives. The representative of any member nation can file a Complaint and Summons with the J-ICC when they believe the accused have committed crimes as defined in international law. Upon approval by the J-ICC the Complaint and Summons can be delivered to the accused along with the date and time set for virtual pretrial motions. This can and should be a virtual court open to the public. Naturally in the interest of justice accused parties should be invited to present their defense prior to any debates, deliberations and decisions. Unlike the mostly useless current ICC, the J-ICC will need, upon receipt and acceptance of Complaints and Summons, to review relevant laws, collect evidence, including sworn affidavits, and other documentary evidence, issue subpoena(s), call witnesses for virtual testimony and cross-examination, deliberate and make decisions with the urgency that is often or usually required in cases of ongoing harm.

The glacial speed of the current ICC has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people and displacement of tens of millions of innocents because its glacial speed and highly selective prosecutions offers no deterrence to war crimes and crimes against humanity whatsoever.

The current ICC has very little credibility. Convicted parties should be allowed to present mitigating circumstances leading to their wrongful actions prior to sentencing. In cases of convictions, arrest warrants can be issued when warranted and it is up to member nations to effect those arrests or not within their own nations. Incarceration is not the goal of most convictions, but rather mental health treatment in most cases, except when adjudicated guilty parties present ongoing genuine threats to the international  community. Failure to make arrests when feasible and pay restitution and fines assigned by the J-ICC can result in the loss of voting rights for that nation in the JUNA. Though the J-ICC and JUNA do not put economic sanctions on nations, it should be possible to freeze bank accounts and other assets in participating nations of convicted national leaders and their intelligence chiefs responsible for crimes committed until such time as they have completed their sentences including payment of restitution and fines assigned by the J-ICC. (For example, the US blocked COVID-19 aid from reaching Cuba and Iran. The US should pay restitution to the surviving family members of those who died of COVID-19 during that time. Iranians are still dying from COVID-19 because of American economic sanctions and a lack of PPE, and medical equipment due to unjustly imposed economic sanctions. Thus, any bank accounts and assets of former Presidents Trump and Biden and CIA directors during that time in JUNA membership nations can and should, upon conviction of those crimes, be frozen or liquidated to pay restitution until such time as that court ordered restitution is paid in full.)

14)      The JUNA is not permitted to hear any motions to interfere in the domestic affairs of nations regardless of claims of “humanitarian intervention.” In cases of extreme humanitarian disasters, neighboring nations may intervene when warranted and necessary, and if the results of their actions are beneficial, it would be not be appropriate to prosecute them for it. If those “interventions/invasions” are not warranted and/or not beneficial, such as the current role of Eritrean soldiers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the leaders of those invading countries and their intelligence and military chiefs can expect to be prosecuted to the full extent of international criminal law. Thus, this is not carte blanche to invade ones’ neighbors, but rather to protect innocents from what for example could be a natural disaster or violence caused by either mentally ill leadership or leadership controlled in most cases by one or another of the colonial powers. [Thus, if for example it should be discovered that the President or intelligence chiefs of Eritrea had tacit or explicit approval from a US representative to engage in genocide in Tigray region of Ethiopia, then the US representative and upward on the command chain could expect prosecutorial proceeding to be initiated if enough evidence is provided. And example of this latter hypothetical situation is the infamous "Glaspie cable," wherein tacit approval was given to Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait by senior member of the American Foreign Service April Glaspie. There are no official figures for the number of Iraqi casualties, however it is estimated that at least 25,000 soldiers were killed and more than 75,000 were wounded in the Iraq Kuwait War. Saddam Hussein planned to rob all the banks in Kuwait to get the money to rebuild his nation after his disastrous American backed war against Iran.]

Unwarranted international interventions in other nations’ affairs should be sternly and rapidly prosecuted in a very open worldwide arena of law and justice. American backing, support and/or implicit or explicit approval will not serve as a legitimate defense any more than “just following orders” as used in the Nuremberg trials.

15)      The many “blind-spots” in the current UN structure include:

- lack of BSL-3 and BSL-4 oversight,

- lack of potential chemical weapons research, development and storage, oversight and

- other weapons including “special energy weapons” oversight.

The US is currently far more advanced than other nations in research and development of the full-range of special weapons and these need to be very assiduously evaluated, monitored and strongly discouraged on an ongoing basis. Most American BSL-3 an BSL-4 labs around the world should be closed. One or two per continent is enough as each presents enormous dangers to the world community, and each needs to be open to a variety of international teams of experts. The JUNA must fill in these highly lethal gaps.

16)      All motions and votes of JUNA should be public and posted ASAP on multiple internet sites to prevent cyber interferences. All motions and votes need to be triple checked by more traditional record and vote checking methods due to American intelligence organizations’ highly evolved (and obviously illegal) election rigging methodologies.

The United States has a long dishonorable history of killing witnesses and threatening and punishing judges in the ICC. All systems and subsystems within the JUNA must be tamper-proof and have multiple redundant asymmetric checking systems built in that cannot be predicted or deceived. The highest levels of electronic and physical security must be rigorously maintained at all times. Like any other international crime syndicate, the intelligence organs and leadership of the United States and its crime partners in the UK, France, Israel and India must be investigated and prosecuted if this world is to ever experience meaningful and lasting peace.

V. Some reasons for the failures of the United Nations

The United States was the principal coordinating force behind the construction of the organizational design for the United Nations. It was constructed by the United States in a very self-serving manner to ensure the hegemony of white supremacist colonial nations and its support system unrestrained capitalism and extreme violence.

The construction of the United Nations contained and still contains several highly unjust substructures.

  • That three of the five Permanent Seats on the Security Council are permanently occupied by the United States, UK and France is unjust because they are the three nations in the world with the worst records of colonialism and initiating domestic and international conflicts in and between their de facto colonies.

  • That any one of the five permanent seats on the Security Council can block any action by the United Nations has rendered the United Nations completely ineffective as a global decision-making body. Having the United States, UK and France occupy three of the five permanent seats on the Security Council with each having the ability to block any action by the United Nations is like having the fox guard the henhouse, the wolves guarding the sheep, and so on.

  • The International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court are clearly not up to the jobs they were tasked to do. Daily, state sponsored grievous crimes against humanity and war crimes are committed principally by superpowers manipulating smaller nations into doing their bidding. Yet, the ICJ and ICC do not initiate investigations and prosecutions of the national and intelligence organization leaders of those nations that manipulate the smaller nations in a timely fashion which has emboldened some superpowers to relentlessly engage in organized criminal activities usually described as war mongering and gangsterism principally in Afrika, Latin America and Asia.

(See seminal paper by this author titled “Time-Critical Need for Restructuring the UN-2nd Ed_2_19_2020” for examples and details.)

  • In addition to the above, a just international decision-making body should also have a fair polling of well-informed random citizens around the world to ascertain their attitudes regarding global issues. The United Nations has never attempted this and thus justice in the eyes of the majority of people in the world in regards to MOST global issues have never been measured or communicated worldwide.

As unrestrained capitalist corporate rule of almost all the nations and people of the world has become virtually omnipotent, the voices, relative power and self-determination of each individual and nation has been reduced to zero or very near it. The JUNA is designed to change that and restore freedom and liberty to all the people of the world regardless of their system of governance, wealth and level of development.

VI.  Timetable

Given the relatively high probability (51%+) the United States is preparing to launch WWIII at any time in order to maintain its global hegemony, this JUNA needs to be assembled and operationalized as quickly as possible.

The author of this Proposal respectfully requests that Russian President Putin, Chinese President Xi and other peace-oriented world leaders be so kind as to consider assisting in the development of this novel JUNA in an expedient manner, hopefully before WWIII starts.

VII. Costs

The costs of this JUNA proposal are negligible as it is primarily a communication enhancing mechanism not so different from a site-based meeting app + voting app except input is from 1) official representatives from hopefully every country in the world that desires peace and harmony with self-determination and solidarity with nations with those same aspirations, and 2) randomly sampled regular normal people around the world + another voting app.  The potential costs of not implementing this proposal will be vastly higher than implementing it.

Cirrus Mountain viewed behind a Rainbow from Wilcox Viewpoint, 8 September 2018, by Fresh waffles, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

VIII. About this proposal

I was working on a psychological/medical intervention/treatment program for the mental illnesses endemic amongst the Taliban when I realized those same treatments could work equally well on the war-mongers amongst the political and corporate elite of the United States, Europe, Israel and India. I was working on that paper (titled “Curing the Hate Virus”) when I thought of this proposal as a useful adjunct support structure to facilitate that effort. This proposal is similar to a scaffold that reveals what the UN could and should have been. This proposal can also act a real deterrent to war and other acts of international crime. Too many people accept the biased realities of today as the way things should be just because that’s the way things are now and have been since 1945. This is related to the very common phenomenon of constancy bias. Some view the “grandeur” of the external structure of the UN as proof if its legitimacy and permanency. As a child I saw the ruins of several ancient “eternal” civilizations and harbor no such illusions.  I also believe when symbols become more important than the things they stand for, one will find psychopathology narrowing perceptions and clouding ethical judgements. The mistaken trust in and reliance on the current UN is a major factor in the matrix of narrow perceptions that enslaves the majority of humanity in multi-generational poverty. I cannot for a minute accept “reality as it is,” without an effort to question it and when appropriate make suggestions to improve it. My strategy is to untie the knots, straighten the crooked, broaden the horizon, sharpen the focus, prioritize needs and consider all 360⁴ possibilities to accomplish those tasks using ethical considerations and Occam's razor as guideposts.

IX. Junzi – A gentleperson

Incidentally, I chose the name JUNA primarily because it best fits the concept I have in mind, and also because it sounds similar to the Chinese word “Junzi,” (君子) which means “gentleman,” literally, “ruler’s son” or “noble son" whose humane conduct (ren) makes him an outstanding example of moral conduct. In these modern times I prefer to interpret it in this text as “gentleperson,” even though “zi” does literally translate as son.

Some proverbs containing this word include:

  • 君子动口不动手 jūn​zǐ​dòng​kǒu​bù​dòng​shǒu​ - A gentleperson uses his/her mouth and not his/her fist.

  • 正人君子 zhèng​rén​jūn​zi - Upright gentleperson / person of honor

  • 淑人君子 shū​rén​jūn​zi - virtuous gentleperson (idiom)

On a related topic in Chinese language, one finds:

有仇不报非君子,有冤不伸枉为人 - yǒu​chóu​bù​bào​fēi​jūn​zǐ​, yǒu​yuān​bù​shēn​wǎng​wéi​rén​ (believe it or not) which means: “One who doesn't correct an injustice is not a gentleperson, one who doesn't redress a wrong is not a mature strong and honorable person.”

In contrast we have the petty person “xiaoren” which literally means “little person,” a person who cannot transcend personal concerns and prejudices and acts only for his own gain. (Does this remind readers of any, many or most politicians?)

(I almost called this Cyber-based Just United Nations Assembly C-JUNA, but at the last minute remembered Xijun – pronounced “she-june” - means bacteria! Oh no!)

Translations adapted from:

Please, dear American readers, call and write to your congressional and senate representatives, demonstrate in front of their offices and demand an end to American aggression against all nations, including and especially an end to those deadly economic sanctions that hurt and kill only the poorest of the poor people on earth. Close American foreign military bases and begin to invest in building instead of destroying. That’s the only way to Make America Great.

And look forward to my next article which hopefully will have a potential cure for the most dangerous virus of all, The Hate Virus.

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