President Biden - I Challenge you!

To hold a Nationwide Special Referendum on the Third World War You are Trying to Start and… Let the Voters Decide!

The American “defense” establishment (euphemistically called the “Department of War”) is trying to pick a fight, three in fact, knowing full well each has the distinct possibility of triggering WWIII, yes, thermonuclear war – the ultimate war, the war that can cause global extinction of all life on earth.

Really? Oh yes, really. I’d much rather go out jogging this fine April morning than sit here in front of my word processor typing this story, but I think preventing WWIII is a better long-term investment, even though jogging is far more pleasurable. What use is it for me to be healthy and strong, if President Biden and his pack of “interventionists” (“war-mongers” in the vernacular) starts WWIII and kills everyone, including me? My jogging this morning would have been a waste, so here I sit, challenging President Biden to hold a Special Referendum to see what most Americans really think instead. Thanks a lot, President “Joe” Biden.

Here’s the question:

Do you believe it is in the best interest of the USA and World, to risk WWIII, and thermonuclear in order to:

1.      Stop China from developing economically? (Is the USA really so incapable of competing in a fair international marketplace it has to start a war, e.g., by crowding the South China Sea with US Naval Carrier Groups and nuclear submarines?)

2.      Stop Iran from having a nuclear energy program? (That, by the way, is the only thing Iranian “enriched nuclear material” is good for, because it is fused in metal plates that cannot be used for bombs, only nuclear energy.)

3.      To permit the USA to keep stealing oil from Syria? (Millions of dollars of oil, and their wheat too) and,

4.      Settle a squabble between Russia and its neighbor Ukraine? (They used to get along fine before the USA stuck its nose in their business, but you know a lot about that, don’t You?)

American newspapers are screaming about “outrages” by Iran/Syria, Russia and China. Yet these are illusions. In fact, Iran, Syria, Russia and China want to live in peace, but the USA will not let them.


The roots of this story are not that old.

The USA started out with Spanish, British and French colonizing North America. Soon enough like a pack of vultures they got to fighting each over the spoils of this “new land,” actually stolen ancient land, but that’s a different series of atrocities. Before dismissing this topic too quickly, it might be mentioned that the name of the “ancient land” was Hah-nu-nah in the Iroquoian language and they believed it to be a place of eternal peace – but that was before the white people came.

After the Europeans arrived it was and still is endless wars.

Anyways, finally, the early “Americans” had a revolutionary war against British colonial aspirations and a “new nation” was born on the blood and bones of the original inhabitants of North American who were relegated to large internment camps. That new nation was very rich in land and natural resources. It grew mighty fusing people from all over Europe in a large melting pot while feasting on the wealth of that stolen land and the blood of innocents. Again, there was no end to the wars.

By the end of WWII, the USA emerged as the world’s sole superpower.

Right from the beginning of the USA and until today it appears war is very good business for the USA! For example, WWII pulled the USA out of the final remnants of the Great Depression. Yes! The clever economists surmised again; war is always very good business!

And so, the USA continued starting one very profitable war and conflict after another, and several at the same time all around the world finally realizing the USA was Destined by God to Rule the Entire Earth Forever!

This belief, also called the pursuit of “Global Hegemony in Perpetuity” may not really be God’s Celestial Plan but American leaders all go along with it anyways. It appeared to be a logical extension of Manifest Destiny which gave birth to American Exceptionalism, which all worked out very well for the very rich capitalists in the USA. So, with these glorious precedents in mind, it’s been “Onward Christian Soldiers” ever since.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and “little obstacles” are appearing on this glorious march to the realization of the American Dream of ruling an American Global Empire Forever.

Strangely, it turns out, everyone in the world doesn’t want to be sucked into one huge Global American Empire.

This seems mighty ungrateful to American hegemonic designers. And, like the wrathful Gods the American Emperors believe themselves to be, they shall smite the rebellious heathens a mighty blow wherever they appear.

And so, once again the American Department of War is trying to pick some fights. Better humanity as whole become extinct that the Philistines have any self-determination in this world, eh? Like the mighty Samson, President Biden is going to Bring Down the Temple, and potentially kill everyone one earth, rather than allow diversity to continue in this world. “Tell me it ain’t so, Joe!”

And thus, I, Gregory Christopher Brundage from the Land of New Jersey, in the name of Diversity and Humanity as a Whole, do hereby Challenge President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. To a Special Referendum.

Let God, and the American Citizens Decide!


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