Made in America Genocide in Ethiopia Part 1

Evangelist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali Joins the Killa Club

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, - Sept. 16, 2018 - Bandar Algaloud/Saudi Kingdom Council/Handout

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during a joint press conference at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on Sept. 1, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90. Source: JNS.org

“Is there not some chosen curse,

Some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven,

Red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man

Who gains his fortune from the blood of souls?”

From Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave by William Wells Brown, 1847

Accumulating evidence suggests Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali not only permitted the genocide in Tigray region but may helped provoke it.

To some extent Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali’s genocide in Tigray mirrors Aung San Suu Kyi’s 2016 Rohingya genocide. Both appear to be part of the western backed “democratization” process, even though Ethiopia was a democracy already.

The American transition from slaughtering terrorists American foreign policies created, to an American manufactured “Great Powers Competition” in Ethiopia has been going on for seven months in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the best the UN Security Council can do is issue periodic tepid statements expressing “concern” about the “humanitarian situation” situation while affectionately and sympathetically patting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali on the head.

That said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali may not inherently be an evil man. Instead, it appears he, presumably in an attempt to secure financing for his nation, got sucked into the worst of the worst company this world has to offer. Once inside he’s found there is no easy way out.

No one is even talking about any effort to rush in UN peacekeepers or do anything to stop the slaughter and mass raping of innocent Tigrayan victims. There has been an information blackout in Tigray for seven months and no end is in sight.

In January the UN issued a statement expressing concern about a flood of reports regarding sexual violence and slavery. “I call on all parties involved in the hostilities in the Tigray region to commit to a zero-tolerance policy for crimes of sexual violence, in line with their respective obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law,” wrote Ms. Géraldine Boezio, Office of the Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, New York, possibly between martinis, while otherwise passively tolerating the extreme sadism and killings.

This genocide was predictable and could have been avoided, but Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali fell in with a very bad crowd. Estimates of the number killed thus far in the Tigray region range from 1,900 to 52,000 but nobody knows because nobody is counting and nobody can count because of the complete information blackout except from those who manage to escape the 24/7 nightmare. I interviewed some of them for this series of articles.

Only  al Jazeera and newspapers appear to be doing a credible job of reporting on events in Tigray.

‘A Tigrayan womb should never give birth’: Rape in Tigray

“‘The militiamen who have been terrorizing us for months,’ said the 34-year-old mother of three, ‘told us we are not allowed to live there anymore, because we are Tigrayans. They ordered us to leave empty-handed. They said all the properties we owned belong to Amharas, not to us.’

“The Amhara forces entered western Tigray from neighboring Amhara region in support of Ethiopian federal forces in November last year, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered an offensive against Tigray’s then-ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Since then, the Amhara, who are Ethiopia’s second-largest ethnic group, have taken control of several areas in the region – land, they claim, that historically has been theirs.

“The four men took turns raping her. After they were done, the militiamen inserted into her genitals a hot metal rod that burned her uterus…

“Healthcare workers in Tigray’s few operational clinics document new cases on a daily basis, despite fearing reprisals and attacks, according to Pramila Patten, the top UN official on sexual violence in conflict. The cases reported have involved Ethiopian soldiers and allied Eritrean troops, as well as Amhara fighters and other members of irregular armed groups or aligned militia…

“‘Overall, 829 women have reported sexual assault to major hospitals of Tigray. The figure was 518 on April 1,’ said Hayelom Kebede, chief executive director of Ayder Referral Hospital.

“Doctors fear, however, the true number is much higher, suspecting there are many unreported cases as fighting continues and large parts of Tigray remain inaccessible.”

Ethiopia claims fighters, not civilians killed in Tigray massacre

On Monday, Ethiopia’s deputy attorney general told reporters that ‘’a great majority’’ of those killed in November massacre were fighters and not civilians.

His comments contradict reports by multiple independent accounts.

"It is established that the great majority of those killed in the said incident, though they were not in uniform, they were members of the fighting force of TPLF who engaged the Eritrean forces. These (TPLF) forces later went back to the city and attacked civilians in the streets. According to our investigation, 93 individuals were killed due to the fighting", Fikadu Tsega said.

Reports detailing the official version of what happened in the historic city of Axum by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International blamed Eritrean troops fighting in Tigray.

It said the dead were mostly civilians.

According to Amnesty Eritrean troops ‘went on a rampage and systematically killed hundreds of civilians in cold blood.’

Judging by its actions so far, the UN really couldn’t give a damn and President Biden’s top advisors are all just pleased as punch at “containing China” in East Africa while visions of fattened defense industry dividend checks and future consultant gigs dance like sugar plums in the heads of Congress and top administration officials. That “China” they are trying to contain is a fictional creature created to pump ever increasing money into the coffers of the US defense industry and shareholder dividends.

For those not familiar with “the situation” now taking place in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, this mass-scale human sacrifice didn’t appear out of nowhere and could easily have been prevented.

The violent conflict started the night of November 3rd, 2020 with attacks on government Northern Command bases and headquarters of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). The government blames the former ruling party the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) which denied it. Any number of 3rd party operatives have the motivation and could have staged those attacks, including Egyptians, Eritreans, Sudanese and even forces subcontracted by the CIA. Likewise it could have been an Ethiopian government sponsored false flag operation. Nobody really knows.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s adamant assertions that it was TPLF behind that and other attacks are not being accepted by large segments of the world press.

Death toll in western Ethiopian 'massacre' reaches 207: Red Cross, 25 Dec 2020

“PM Abiy Ahmed described Wednesday's attack on a village in the western Benishangul-Gumuz region as a ‘massacre.’

“Wednesday’s attack by unidentified gunmen was the latest deadly assault in an area bedeviled by ethnic violence.”

Note the modifier “unknown.”

Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa with about 117 million people belonging to 80 or so tribal groups with each having different cultures, languages, and dialects. The dominant groups are the Oromo (35% of population), Amhara (27%) and Tigrayan (6%).

By hook or by crook, and partly due to the gravitas of ethnic heritage from the heart of the Tewahedo Orthodox Ethiopian faith and ancient civilization of Axum, the northern Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) managed to rule in Addis Ababa from 1991 to 2018 basking in the monied glow of US, British and EU support.

The role of Axum in the center north of Tigray region has been for 2,000 years in many ways like that of Rome in Europe. (See Part 4 of this series of articles for more on this subject.)

Unfortunately, the TPLF made too many errors with the first and foremost being they did business with China – big business and a lot of it. In fact, doing business with China is not an “error” at all because it’s the only way for national leaders to leverage their countries out of pervasive poverty, but the white supremacist self-styled masters in the US don’t see it that way.

“To the U.S. elites, the American-imposed "universal laws and values" are non-negotiable, or in the words of former U.S. President George W. Bush, ‘you are either with us or against us’ in a proclamation he made for invading Iraq. And because China is determined to walk an independent path, it is ‘against us.’”

There were real errors too made by the TPLF with corruption at the top of that list as is to be expected from any single administration that wields power for too long. And yet, that corruption is endemic around the world and no excuse whatsoever to launch a genocide against the innocent citizens of Tigray.

Times have changed and the US now needs strong reliable ethnonationalist governments to stop and crush all Chinese business everywhere, so Abiy Ahmed Ali – of the Oromo tribe - was cultivated by American intelligence and lured into the killa club alongside Michael Pompeo and his loyal acolytes Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  and others.

Even prior to the genocide, Abiy Ahmed Ali had a “reputation” for being a strongman. “Prominent Oromo figures have accused Abiy, an ethnic Oromo, of being a poor advocate for Oromo interests and sliding towards authoritarianism.” From an American point of view, he was a shoe-in for the prime minister job.

Ignoring the advice of his own defense minister, the first thing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did upon assuming power was reorganize the government under a new “United Party.” The critics of this plan were many.

The most prominent of them, Defense Minister Lemma Megersa, told VOA’s Afaan Oromo Service: “Merging this party is not timely as there are many dangers. We are in transition.”

"Until they tell me to leave the organization, I will struggle holding on to the difference I have. It is not just me, there are many who have misgivings about this and are willing to struggle for it,” he said.

Yes, the TPLF had a long run and yes Tigrayans are a small minority, and yes corruption does collect at the top especially over time, and yes there are logical reasons for unifying the government in Addis Ababa.

And yet many, especially Tigrayans believe Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stoked the fires of a genocide and provoked this slaughter just the same.

The eruption of fighting came after months of rising tensions, including Tigray’s holding of regional elections in September in defiance of the federal government, which had postponed nationwide polls due in August because of the coronavirus pandemic. Abiy’s government says the vote won by the TPLF in a landslide is illegal and begins to withhold funds meant for social welfare programme in Tigray, a region of some six million.

Withholding social welfare funds for Tigray was a highly provocative countermove to a simple illegitimate election – collective punishment in fact. No one outside of Tigray questioned this because many amongst Ethiopia’s Oromo and Amharic ethnic groups had strong resentment towards the Tigrayans holding on to power for so long.

The Eritreans too had a long-standing blood-feud against their neighbors just to the south in Tigray as border violence has sporadically broken out between them since Eritrean independence from Ethiopia in April 1993.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received the Nobel Peace prize for making peace with Eretria, but he also got a rapacious army that hates Tigrayans with a passion and he knew it. He claims he didn’t invite the Eritrean military to help in putting down resistance to his army’s crushing of Tigray, but most Tigrayans believe he did.


“There is no reason for the army to request additional support from outside," said Ethiopian Defense Minister Kenea Yadeta in a press briefing in November, adding that "the army will not fight its own country collaborating with an outside force."

There is however substantial proof Eritrean forces are behind many of the murders, savage gang rapes and sexual mutilations relentlessly continuing in the Tigray region.

Eritrean troops kill, rape, loot in Tigray

“Despite claims by both Ethiopia and Eritrea that they were leaving, Eritrean soldiers are in fact more firmly entrenched than ever in Tigray, where they are brutally gang-raping women, killing civilians, looting hospitals and blocking food and medical aid, The AP has found.” By Associated Press May 28, 2021

Tigray crisis worsening with no withdrawal of Eritrean troops in sight: UN 16.04.2021

The UN humanitarian chief has said that sexual violence and starvation were being used as weapons of war in Ethiopia's Tigray. He urged Eritrea to make good on its pledge and recall its troops.

Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray, by Nima Elbagir, Barbara Arvanitidis and Eliza Mackintosh, CNN, May 13, 2021

Unfortunately, the UN Peacekeepers are on Spring break or something or maybe everyone just forgot to call them.

The TPLF had other enemies too, like the Egyptians and Sudanese who are “concerned” about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which would have tripled Ethiopia’s electric capacity, yet might influence their water supply. Most studies don’t support that notion. So, PM Abiy Ahmed jumped into bed with them too while getting praised to the heavens by his western Euro-American, Israeli and Arab new pals.

So, a powder keg existed. All it needed was a spark.

The three primary aspects of a crime that must be established to prove guilt in a criminal proceeding are 1) Motive, the reason the defendant felt the need to commit the crime, 2) Means, the ability of the defendant to commit the crime  and 3) Opportunity, whether or not the defendant had the chance to commit the crime.

Hopes for peaceful settlement flew out window with the November 3 - 4 attacks on the Northern Command bases and headquarters of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). But who did it? Nobody knows for sure. TPLF denies it.

The prime minister blames the attack on the TPLF, which was at the helm of Ethiopia’s governing coalition for nearly 30 years until he took office in 2018.

The TPLF denies responsibility and says the reported attack is a pretext for an “invasion”.  

In evaluating motivation for Prime Minister Abiy to launch a false flag operation, or a third party to do so, one has to examine potential motivations and habits of outsiders with influence over PM Abiy and profit motive, which are the subjects of Parts 2 and 3 of this series.

Whatever the cause, the international community is sleeping on the job while a savage genocide goes on month after month in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

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