Made in America - Genocide in Ethiopia Part 4

Slaughtering the progeny of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba on the Altar of Capitalism

Inside Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Photo by G. Brundage

Those who wish to know the heart and soul of Ethiopia should start at the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Tigray region. The Chapel of the Tablet housing the Ark of the Covenant rests peacefully only a few hundred meters away.

Chapel of the Tablet, photo by G. Brundage

This is the heart and center of the Tewahedo Orthodox Ethiopian faith. Wars have been fought to protect this holy church and faith from foreign encroachment.

Tewahedo (Te-wā-hidō) is a Ge’ez (ancient South Semitic language originating from what is now northern Ethiopia and Eritrea) word meaning ‘Being Made One’ or ‘unified.’

“Tewahedo refers to the Oriental Orthodox belief in the one single unified Nature of Christ; i.e., a belief that a complete, natural union of the Divine and Human Natures into One is self-evident in order to accomplish the divine salvation of humankind, as opposed to the ‘two Natures of Christ’ belief (unmixed, but unseparated Divine and Human Natures, called the Hypostatic Union) promoted by today's Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

“The Ethiopian Church claims its earliest origins from the royal official said to have been baptized by Philip the Evangelist (Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 8):

“‘Then the angel of the Lord said to Philip, Start out and go south to the road that leads down from Jerusalem to Gaza. So he set out and was on his way when he caught sight of an Ethiopian. This man was a eunuch, a high official of the Kandake (Candace) Queen of Ethiopia in charge of all her treasure.’ (8:27)

“Baptism - The passage continues by describing how Philip helped the Ethiopian treasurer understand a passage from Isaiah that the Ethiopian was reading. After the Ethiopian received an explanation of the passage, he requested that Philip baptize him, and Philip did so. Orthodox Christianity became the established church of the Ethiopian Axumite Kingdom under King Ezana in the 4th century through the efforts of a Syrian Greek named Frumentius, known in Ethiopia as Abba Selama, Kesaté Birhan (‘Father of Peace, Revealer of Light’).”

To delve a little deeper, one needs a copy of the slender ancient text called the Kebra Nagast. To quote the Introduction in this writer’s text:

“The Kebra Nagast is a great storehouse of legends and traditions, some historical and some of purely folklore character, derived from the Old Testament and the later Rabbinic writings, and from Egyptian (both pagan and Christian) , Arabian and Ethiopian sources. Of the early history of the compilation and its maker, and of its subsequent editors we know nothing,  but the principal groundwork of its earlier form was the traditions that were current in Syria, Palestine, Arabia, and Egypt during the first four centuries of the Christian era…”

The Kebra Nagast: The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek, translated by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, In parenthesis Publications Ethiopian Series, Cambridge, Ontario 2000.

There are several versions of this text that tell the story of the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba, reasons for her journey to Jerusalem to meet King Solomon, her encounters and marriage with the Great King, the birth of their son Menyelek and return to Ethiopia with the Covenant of the Arc.

a)      Unholy wars against Ethiopia’s Tewahdo Christianity

Ethiopians are not the kind of Christians preferred in Europe and the USA. They have “their own kind” of Christianity most AMERICANS never even heard of called “Tewahedo Orthodox.” “What’s that? Some kind of African mumbo jumbo Christianity?” some rather low IQ white supremacists might rhetorically ask. They would not be the first with that kind of arrogant attitude.

“In fact, in 1626 led by senior Spanish Jesuit Afonso Mendes the Catholics tried to conquer Ethiopia’s traditional Christian base. In June 1632 there was a major battle in Lasta.

“Losing no time, Mendes set out to crush centuries of religious tradition. At his behest, the emperor directed that all churches be reconsecrated, all clergy reordained, all believers rebaptised, and all festivals fixed according to the Roman Calendar. He also derided them as outdated Jewish customs. A new liturgy was to be written. Several important church and monastic lands were transferred to the Jesuits. Dissenters were punished by hanging or burning at the stake.

“The outcome was a series of rebellions across Abyssinia. In June 1632, Susenyos’ own brother, Malka Christos, assembled a large army in Lasta to overthrow him. Susenyos managed to defeat it but at the cost of 8,000 killed. As he walked with his son Fasilidas across the battlefield amid the dead, Fasilidas is reported to have said to him:

“‘The men you see lying dead here were neither pagan or Muslims over whose deaths we could rejoice, but Christians, your subjects and fellow-countrymen and some of them were your own kin. It is not a victory that we have gained, for we have driven our swords into our own bodies… Through carrying on this war and abandoning the faith of our ancestors, we have become a byword of the pagans and the Arabs.’”

The Fortunes of Africa – a 5000-year history of Wealth, Greed and Endeavor, Vol. 1, by Martin Meredith, PublicAffairs, New York, 2014, paperback, p. 127-128

Catholics were forbidden entry into Abyssinia for some time after that. Fasilidas went on to rid Abyssinia of the Jesuits and their alien dogma; five who opted to remain were hanged. To ensure no more Europeans entered the highlands, Fasilidas singed agreements with Muslim rulers to help keep them out.

Back outside the rather bizarre psychopathologies of the white Supremacists in the world and their own rarified understandings of “God,” Ethiopian Christianity is simpler, pure, and more direct from the source – the holy prophet Jesus and not a derivative of the highly engineered “war-machine” form of Christianity created by Roman Emperor Constantine in the early 4th Century that still dominates in Europe and the USA.

Smiling girl at Tewahedo Orthodox Ethiopian religious festival, photo by G. Brundage

a)     Just another profit-driven crusade?

For all practical purposes foreign influences on Ethiopia leading to the current genocide can be seen as another crusade, albeit against a minority form of Christianity keeping in mind that the Crusades were profit motivated from first to last as were the pogroms of Emperor Constantine. This is certainly not the first crusade turned against Christians, for example the sack of Constantinople occurred in April 1204 and marked the culmination of the Fourth Crusade. For all practical purposes the Europeans Wars of Religions during the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries were much the same.

In those days global communication was slow at best, and secrets could be contained for centuries. These days however – even with biased search engine algorithms it’s pretty difficult to keep any secret for more than a few moments.

One can only wonder how American “Christians” can sleep at night knowing a preponderance of evidence suggests their government maneuvered Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy into a mass rape and murder campaign of the followers of one of the purist forms of Christianity - largely untouched by Europeans - and the living progeny of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba?

Reports from Tigrayan refugees strongly assert PM Abiy invited the Eritrean military in to quell the growing violence him himself helped provoke.

On another level, the “situation” in Tigray region of Ethiopia has the appearance of an operation designed to teach Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, all of Ethiopia, Africa and the world one simple lesson: Do not do business with atheist COMMUNIST China (even if there are at least 45 million Christians in “atheist” China too).

b)     War against all religions

Due to the near absolute power of unrestrained capitalism, driven by corporate CEOs, sold to the public via their chosen political handmaidens in fake democracies, and harnessed to an addictive mass media and self-serving news, virtually all that was once considered holy has been perverted into worship of money and power.

Truth has been replaced with “post-truth,” justice only a tool of the wealthy and powerful, and freedom nothing more than enslavement to ego and hedonism.

Men can no longer simply be men, nor women, women or even children, children without being stereotyped in negative ways. Healthy monogamous relationships are demonized, and corrupting the youth at younger and younger ages has become a profitable art and science.

Anyone who dares to question this new American status quo is labeled, pilloried, isolated and destroyed. On one hand I’m all for people’s freedom to choose, but worry that those freedoms are being usurped by the capitalist-military-industrial-media-university-medical complex that profits from throwing all natural balances wildly and “fashionably” out of balance.

While Americans are fighting fiercely about their gender, racial and political identities, their government is pillaging the earth. This is self-absorption/reductio ad absurdum and not liberating anyone anywhere. It’s ultimately selfish – the Euro-American religion as preached by the Lords of Capitalism. Be what you are and get over it, then find something that can be useful to humanity, please.

It’s meaninglessness that is killing more Americans than anything. When all values are eradicated on the altars of money and power, there is only escapism and hedonism to live for and those are deadly disease. Who has time to research the politicians we elect? It’s pointless anyways, right? The media lies, the politicians lie, everybody lies, right? Critical thinking is just for some ridiculous egg heads who don’t know how to live, right? Reading is just escapism from the “real world,” right?Unquestioned acceptance of these simplistic aphorisms lead to giving up one’s humanity. Plato’s Republic was stunningly prophetic.

God is a pathetic joke now as is even mentioning peace as a possibility between nations and people. Capitalism thrives on nihilism, endless conflict and increasingly violent and sexualized media to promote it. The end results of trends like that are genocides and sexualized violence.

The image of Communism which advocates for a classless society based on social egalitarianism (which is in fact in most ways the same as the great religions) has been turned into something monstrous by the Lords of Capitalism who have replaced God entirely with highly seductive images of ego magnification beyond reason. The Lords of Capitalism have subjected ever increasing percentages of humanity to something lower than slavery who can never even hope for social equality with their lords and masters, the wealthy.

So, the vast sub-classes are promoting anti-everything and anarchy to escape the iron bars of the police state. Again, the end results of that are individually and collectively catastrophic.

Given all that it is hardly a surprise there are attacks on and wars against all religions. In their goals and aspirations, the beliefs of all religions and socialism and communism are nearly identical: Greater equality between people and nations which engenders peace and stability within and between people and nations. These goals however do not serve the false gods of capitalism well, and thus they must be destroyed, just like the virtue of all men, women and children.

Name one religion or spiritual belief that hasn’t been revealed by history or the usurped media as absolute hypocrisy and corruption, while the dubious virtues of wealth and power elevated by the corporate controlled “almighty media” saturate the dreams and aspirations of almost everyone connected to it.

Show me a block of the purest marble or granite a kilometer long, wide and tall, and I will show you minute cracks the attack forces of capitalism can jackhammer to shatter that block into a billion sharp broken fragments.

The ancient land of Tigray has been a generally holy land for millennia. Though the lands in the south of Ethiopia are lush and grow wonderful fruits and vegetables, the lands in the north are hardscrabble – partly due to the effects of thousands of years of civilization. Prone to droughts due to climate change, they have relied on a purer form of Christianity and reflexive self discipline to retain the inherent goodness within their individuals and communities. These are highly admirable qualities!

But by concentrating the wealth of Ethiopia in a handful of Tigrayan leaders, some have been corrupted by the power and false majesty of lordship. They could have been simply retired peacefully and with honor, but that was not to be.

That would not serve the Lords of Capitalism well, for their pleasures are sick and perverted. They find ecstasy in the suffering of the innocent, joy in torturing the virtuous and the most sublime pleasures in defiling all that is inherently good.

And thus, they are sacking Tigray, while the Lords of Capitalism in the West voyeuristically drool with envy at the salacious pleasure their devilish servants enjoy by inflicting the ultimate humiliations and tortures upon the innocent.  Of course, the UN does nothing! They are headquartered in New York and Geneva, two of the world’s foremost capitals of unrestrained capitalism. They are the worst of the voyeurs because better than most they know how bad things are, and work harder than anyone to cover it up to protect their own incomes within that corrupt system. (Readers can download: Time-Critical Need for Restructuring the UN - Law, History and News, Book, 499 pages, 2nd Edition, January 13, 2020.)

White supremacy runs deep in Euro-American Christianity and the people of Africa are nothing more than ants to those monsters.

Tigray is not the only ancient land currently suffering starvation and massive violence due to the American quest for hegemony in perpetuity. It is pervasive in in Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia. Any national leader that does not sell its peoples’ innocence and resources to the Lords of Capitalism on the cheap will face economic sanctions at the minimum.

There is an inherent goodness born within all people, and natural symmetry/ecology built within all lands with which humans can harmonize, but this does not suit the goals and purposes of the Lords of Unrestrained Capitalism.

As for the holy and ancient city of Axum and region of Tigray, the rapists and murderers will probably rule there for some time, just like Jerusalem, Kashmir, Rome obviously and most of the world’s capital cities.

Another light of wisdom in the world is being dimmed and snuffed out by the Lords of Capitalism while ever increasing percentages of “humanity” smokes opium, sniffs cocaine, takes mind-bending prescription drugs, drinks beer, mixes martinis, turns on the TV and plays video games to numb and silence the shattered remains of the moral conscience inherent in all humans.

The utter failure that is the United Nations will be covered up for some time to come, but when the whole truth is told, and it always is, sooner or later, it will be used as the cruelest example, and ultimate symbol of the basest forms of absolute self-deception, greed and arrogance that has ever cursed this world.

There is street slang in the US to describe the role of most United Nations employees: “poverty pimps.” They have prestigious jobs, places to sleep, food and insurance, while totally failing to even try to prevent or even slow down wars.

Imagine this. Some terrible person shoots another, steals everything the victim owns, then maybe gives him or her some bandages, maybe some addictive pain killer and then presents him or her self as a god for their beneficence while enjoying the lands, resources, spouse and children of the victim. That terrible person is the system the United States has created and United Nations so totally represents.

Where is the spiritual value, the great philosophies, the wisdom of the ages in this scenario? There is none. That is unrestrained capitalism, the fake democracy, neoliberal economics and the American New World Order forces on people around the world. Meanwhile, the progeny of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba are and have been being gang raped and mass murdered in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia since the beginning of November, 2020 while the world does nothing, absolutely nothing to prevent it.

Who has been trying to protect the women and children? Only the men of Tigray and they are being slaughtered for it trapped between very hostile armies of Eritrea and Addis Ababa.


Africa is a well-established colonial/slave continent nearly completely ruled by the Americans, British and French. The last thing the CIA and its European allies want is a prosperous unified Africa. Dividing and smashing Ethiopia is seen as a useful step in keeping Africa on its knees in perpetuity.

China for its part has seen this kind of strategy used before and knows it simply has to wait for things to cool down in Ethiopia. It has a non-interference policy that prevents doing more at this time.

Given the successful completion of the GERD project at some time in the future hopefully, observation that water still flows to Sudan and Egypt precisely as before, things in the region might cool down. Tragically the lives lost and immeasurable human suffering cannot ever be undone or repaired.

Likewise, it is entirely possible Eritreans may try to expand their territory by annexing a large part of Tigray and Prime Minister Abiy may be ordered to stand down by his masters in DC and Langley. He’s in way over his head now, and just surviving may become problematic at best and he knows it.

The ridiculous thing is Ethiopia was one of the best developed nations in Africa, but the TPLF did business with China, was on the brink of joining the modern world, and the USA had to teach the “uppity” slaves who is boss by sending it back to the stone ages.

This not a unique situation. Before the Iran-Iraq War they were remarkably well developed. And that was their curse. The US had to send them back to the stone ages too. That’s what the white supremacist USA always does because they want to rule the world imperiously forever (assert and maintain hegemony in perpetuity). Make no mistake about it, President Biden and Kamala Harris are white supremacists just the same as Donald Trump, Michael Pompeo and Anthony Blinken, or they wouldn’t have risen to the positions they now hold.

Meanwhile the slave masters in the United States and their European, Israeli and Arab allies that like to keep the “black devils” “in their place” in perpetuity, are laughing at Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali for selling out his nation to join their club of hypocrites, while celebrating their great ‘victory’ at the expense of tens of thousands of innocent lives.

Fortunately for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, the corporate controlled press keeps singing his praises like a consolation prize, for he has proven himself a loyal servant of Empire at the cost of his nation and possibly his soul.

a)     Who benefits from this?

Does the average American benefit from causing genocides, mass rapes and starvation in Africa? No, but the richest 5% of Americans and Europeans are having their wealth increased by stealing natural resources from all of Africa. Meanwhile, the poor in Europe and the USA get poorer too, while the ultra-rich laugh. Who is to blame?

In western democracies, I think it’s the voters. They don’t “bother” to research what their leaders are really doing and consequently cannot vote for someone with moral integrity and some kind of a real heart. And so, the poor get poorer everywhere, while the rich capitalists pop their Champaign bottles and live the lives of degenerate Roman Caesars.

How can voters get accurate news? The alternative press (alt-news) is one way, another is by traveling more. But the corporate controlled mass media has made traveling in most parts of the world so terrifying few will even try. Furthermore, the CIA has painted targets on all Americans around the world.

If Africa had a prosperous unified African Union, it could one day put an end to Euro-American hegemony in Africa. This is simply not acceptable to the white supremacists that rule both political parties in the USA. Hence, Ethiopia must be Balkanized.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali thus far has proved to be the perfect tool of Empire, the inside man to get the job done.

The USA with its European allies is re-fighting the American Civil War on a global scale with both on the Confederate side while refighting the European-driven Ethiopian religious war of 1632.

At present the devils are winning another battle in Tigray, home of the progeny of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba who are being slaughtered like sheep.

The UN sleeps as usual when innocent minorities are being subjected to mass extreme sexual violence and murder, while the white supremacist mainstream press rewards Prime Minister Abiy with pats on the head.

b)     Is there any hope in this situation?

Given that the two only real political parties in the US are now using the same strategies they use to control elections in other countries within the US, it is entirely possible the US is going to implode one of these days.

Neoliberal economic policies and the economic polarization they create, racism, religious prejudices and the national debt are at all time highs, while gun sales skyrocketed in recent years and COVID-19 lock-downs have reduced civil liberties to zero. Meanwhile the tech giants have so rigged the internet few people are ever going to randomly find anything resembling truth there. Informed national leaders around the world are de-dollarizing, and the keepers of the house of cards in the US have stirring up a whirlwind all by themselves while blaming and attacking virtually everyone else in the world.

It appears the US has made all the same colossal blunders as did the Western Roman Empire, and its days of ransacking the planet may be nearly finished.

Is there a way to save the US and western civilization? Maybe, but probably its too late. If the reader is interested, I wrote a paper not too long ago titled: Mandatory 17 Steps to Saving the American Democracy (Article, 12 pages) April 12, 2021.

The only question remaining are 1) how long will the genocide continue in Tigray, and  2) how many more of the world’s innocents will the American Empire take down with them in their final plunge to the bottom of the well they dug for themselves with their absolute greed, self-absorption, corruption, hedonism, negligence, unlimited violence, sadism and arrogance?


Note of Thanks: Many thanks to the courageous souls of Tigray who related their personal stories to me and their escape.

Also thanks to people at beginning to record data from Ethiopia. That said, looking at the data and comparing the reports I’m hearing from friends in Ethiopia and other published news reports, I don’t think you are accessing all available data for violence against civilians and I wish you would add sexual violence as a distinct subcategory.

To get more complete data you need to network with churches, hospitals and clinics in Tigray and Sudan. Also please consult with the people at:

People in “liberal democracies” should call and demonstrate in front of their elected representatives offices and demand the UN send in peacekeepers now, and a war crimes tribunal started immediately.

Screen shot of American political analyst John Mearsheimer from YouTube video: Can China rise peacefully? John Mearsheimer / Tom Switzer

“‘You're either with us or against us,’ he continued. ‘And if you're trading extensively with China, and you’re friendly with China, you’re undermining the United States in this security competition. You’re feeding the beast, from our perspective. And that is not going to make us happy. And when we are not happy you do not want to underestimate how nasty we can be. Just ask Fidel Castro.’

He continued in that interview:

(51:16) “You understand, we’re trying to wreck the Chinese economy… We do not want them growing over the next 30 years the way they’ve grown over the past 30 years. So, you’re gonna help feed the beast? You’re going to trade with China and basically just ignore us? I don’t think that’s going to work out too well.”

- American political analyst John Mearsheimer at a debate hosted by the Australian think tank Center for Independent Studies held at: Mearsheimer Australian Center for Independent Studies

“Tales became legends and legends became symbols, but the war of the oppressed against those who oppressed them went on. It was a flame which burned high and low but never went out—and the name of Spartacus did not perish. It was not a question of descent through blood, but descent through common struggle. A time would come when Rome would be torn down—not by the slaves alone, but by slaves and serfs and peasants and by free barbarians who joined with them.

“And so long as men labored, and other men took and used the fruit of those who labored, the name of Spartacus would be remembered, whispered sometimes and shouted loud and clear at other times.”

SPARTACUS, a novel based a true story by Howard Fast, who wrote that book while in prison in the USA for the crime of being a socialist during the ‘Second Red Scare,’ which is now upon us again with even greater trickery, fury and violence.

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