Euro-Americas’ Criminal Leadership and the Chinese Bogeyman


This article looks at the rapidly escalating American and NATO aggression and potential war against China, the responsible parties and some possible realistic ways to short-circuit those systems. This author regularly receives emails from numerous publications including New York Times (NYT). On June 18, 2021 I received an email with the heading: At War: NATO Turns Its focus To China’s Growing Military Might. “At War?” Isn’t that a bit premature? “Did anyone tell Congress(?),” I casually wondered knowing presidents routinely start wars without informing Congress as they are legally required to do. Then I recalled NYT was a huge promoter of the Iraq War before the Iraq War, only to print an apology, sort of, after the war when they realized it was a “mistake.” I quickly read the short summary of the NYT article and recognized several clues indicating it was most certainly advocating for a war against China and preparing American and world readers for that war. Coincidentally or not, the article I had just finished writing was a compassionate treatment therapy for those afflicted by a proposed “Greed-Hate Disorder.” That was based on my theory that American politicians, corporate CEOs and board members, intelligence chiefs, and Mainstream Media (MSM) news producers and editors propagating illegal American wars have mental health “issues,” and combined psychological treatments of systematic desensitization and immersion learning could cure them of that “illness.” Seeing the NYT article however made me rethink this: What if some of those promoters of war are not mentally ill, but just profit-motivated criminals? In this article I look at American judicial systems that can put a leash on the criminal war mongering by the above groups of people. Though this article contains considerable satire, the general themes are very serious, reality based and deserve attention in the hallways of power in DC, Langley, corporate boardrooms, news producers’ and publishers’ offices, and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

In my last article I made the case that the American leadership has an illness called the “Greed-Hate Disorder” and needs therapy which I outlined in a reasonably compassionate way. It took me decades to learn what was necessary, collect the background information and gestalt the content for that article, and then another week for additional research and writing.

Then two evenings ago I saw an email from New York Times and realized something important was missing. What about the greedy malicious people on The Hill, in Langley Virginia, the Pentagon, at NATO headquarters on Avenue Leopold III in Brussels, and corporate boardrooms across the vast Euro-American cityscapes who are fully cognizant of what they are doing and shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind an insanity defense? Those are the people who fully know what they are doing is wrong and illegal, (also see: critical review of the Strategic Competition Act of 2021 - Parts 1 - 3 Posted on Silk Road Virtual University site) but do it anyways just because they profit it from it.

Here’s the NYT email:

Now let’s take a close look at China’s thermonuclear “military might.”

The NYT email continued:

At War? Really? Does Congress know about this?

What can one see in that photo? About 200 – 300 soldiers looking kind of what? Dark(?) with a spooky foggy background or maybe exhaust from what appears to be three armored personnel carriers in the background?

That is a classic piece of propaganda: smear the target nation with spooky bogeyman images.

NYT readers might not remember the content of that article because there isn’t anything factual in it, but that spooky image will remain in the recesses of their unconscious minds. That dear reader is called “psyops,” psychological operations. It’s so transparently and pathetically obvious the US and NATO are laying the groundwork for another slaughter of innocent humans in another totally unjustifiable series of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The only vaguely honest thing in that email about Biden’s attendance at the June 14 NATO meeting was:

“President Biden attended as president.”

Let’s compare American (and its close allies), NATO, and China’s records of foreign military aggression for a moment.

  • NATO on behalf of its partner in crime the USA has attacked: Kosovo/Macedonia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and directly or indirectly killed at least a million human beings, most of whom were civilian “casualties.”

  • What nations has China attacked and killed people since 2000? Zip. Zero. Not one.

Take a relatively obscure place like Macedonia. Most people in the world couldn’t find it on a map if their lives depending on it. Why on earth could NATO have a problem with the place?

“And the Chinese — that was 2015 — the Chinese in the meantime, of course, if you look at the map, if you can visualize the map, so you have Greece a bit down there. What they want to do now is by ships, they will transport the goods, and they’re already doing it directly to the port of Piraeus, then the railway will go up to Macedonia, then it will go to Bulgaria to Serbia. The Chinese Prime Minister was in Serbia last year, and they made an agreement together with Vucic and Viktor Orban, which means they’re now already in a project, I think, of building a new railway, from Belgrade to Budapest.”

“North Macedonia Supports One-China Policy and the Belt & Road Initiative, by Current Affairs Correspondent Europe,” April 1, 2021

Ah yes, anything to stop China’s Belt and Road Initiative, eh? The law be damned! That’s the Euro-American way! In fact, they can cause great mayhem and kill a lot of people slowing things down, but they haven’t really fully stopped anything yet. Why? Countries need trade and infrastructure development. That’s the bottom line.

What drives NATO to follow the gangster boss in the USA? Is it the Crusader Complex? Just human nature, like “boys will be boys!” Or is it greed? Do rich Europeans profit from their weapons industries? Mmm?

NATO was born from the bomb – the atomic bomb. Its singular purpose is destruction. Global Research in Canada published a good series of articles on NATO that summarizes its disastrous and criminal role in history thus far.

And now with the sanctified and sanctimonious blessings of the Presidents Trump and Biden NATO is turning its military forces against China and Russia.

Forget trying to protest NATO’s new attack-dog role against the boogeymen China and Russia. The target nations and whatever brave but foolhardy advocates they may have, have also been gagged by imperial orders of the imperium in DC. (Which may partly explain why few if any will ever read this article before WWIII.)

Red Scare censorship is in full flower now, the drums of war are beating and NATO is there to join in the slaughter. Onward Christian soldiers and all that. There are only a few problems with that, like for example Russia is mostly a Christian nation too and China has more Catholics, around 12 million, than the Vatican City which has a population of only around 825, presumably mostly Catholics. And what about that Sixth Commandment: Thou shall not kill? What’s up with that? Conveniently forgotten? Did Europe learn nothing from the Crusades?

Voices on Facebook and tweeter protesting NATO’s murders and apparent criminal intent to murder vastly more in China and Russia are silenced. Forgotten is the possibility Russians and Chinese are human too, and might just have legitimate voices that deserve to be heard, but allowing them free speech is verboten. Simultaneously, censoring them is illegal!

The United Nations 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Also see:

Americans and western Europeans now live in a hermetically sealed information vacuum and only western corporate voices that promote more profitable American driven wars are permitted.

Slaughtering literally millions of innocent Muslims isn’t bloodthirsty enough for the right-wing extremist crusaders in the USA and Europe. Nope. Now they’re going after Russia and China too.

Is NATO bringing the world closer to WWIII? An article titled: “NATO Proclamation at Annual Summit Threatens the Peace,” by John Quigley, published June 17, 2021 Covert Action Magazine asserted that “Space Attacks and Cyber Attacks Could Now Trigger Military Intervention Under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.”

How exactly does one prove the origin of a cyber attack? It is often or usually impossible. “Looking to where the source code was “written” has always been an unsatisfying, if not impossible, task.” So, any so-called expert or “intelligence source” in the US or Europe can declare a cyber attack came from Russia or China and they have justification to start a war against Russia or China at any time. That’s a nice power to give oneself.

It is equally true anyone can launch a false flag operation in the South China Sea, along the western front of Russia, or between India, China, Kashmir and Pakistan, and start WWIII at any time.

Freelance writer Caitlin Johnstone was certainty right in her article about “The Difference Between Totalitarian Regimes And Free Democracies” in which she concluded: “In totalitarian regimes you are not free, and you know it. In free democracies you are not free, and you don’t know it.”

People around the world, especially in Europe and the US should reject American leadership. I am not the only one that believes NATO should be disbanded and President Biden looping NATO into its hegemonic war against China is radically increasing the probability of thermonuclear war.

The only real question is, “are American leaders simply criminals or mentally ill?”

Given that the Supreme Court can subpoena even the president, I don’t see why SCOTUS does not issue a cease and desist order on all US censorship mechanisms as they are clear violations of several Supreme Court decisions prohibiting censorship except in a case of imminent harm which does not exist at this time; in addition to international law, then bring in the leadership of the Congress and Senate to inform them they are acting in contempt of court by pursing both domestic American and global censorship programs, as are outlined in my articles Alt-News During the 3rd Red Scare, and the Strategic Competition Act of 2021.

Then, if I were the SCOTUS Chief Judge the Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., I would hold a SCOTUS re-vote on the Citizens United Vs. FEC decision given that quid pro quo has become the ubiquitous norm, and then one by one crush all lower court decisions that led to the creation of Super PACs, as those transparent forms of corruption have brought the USA to the very brink of WWIII not to mention financial ruin.

Following that I would issue a subpoena for the current and former Directors of CIA and their Deputy Directors, and demand to know if either of the Clintons ever worked for the CIA in any way shape or form. Clearly there has already been a coup in the United States and the USA has since degenerated into an autocracy ruled by the CIA. I would shut that monstrous organization down immediately and ask the Army to collect all of the CIA’s records on the spot.

The alternative for SCOTUS Chief Judge the Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr. and his fellow justices is to sit on the sidelines and like Emperor Nero before them, play the fiddle (or lyre or whatever) while America burns, quite possibly starting this evening, or anytime - possibly this summer. “That can’t happen!” the disbelievers rant. Yeah, well that’s what everyone says just before the end. It’s called denial.

The last series of articles I was assigned to write while working as a reporter for the African American press in the US (just before I left the US for many years) was the Jeffrey Dahmer serial murder trial. The trial wasn’t about his innocence or guilt as there was so much evidence in his apartment, like the skulls of his victims, body parts in the freezer, drugs that he used to knock out his victims before sodomizing, killing and eating them, etc. The trial was really about the issue of his sanity. I strongly felt Dahmer was truly insane for several reasons. But the jury decided otherwise.

In the case of the United States’ consistently murderous foreign policies, the proven profit motives, provable corruption in the US government, and willingness and proven ability to lasso in large numbers of foreign allies into those criminal endeavors, I now firmly believe the last long line of presidents, those congressional representatives and senators that voted for illegal wars and voted in support of the criminal “Strategic Competition Act of 2021,” along with NATO allies in unjustifiable wars, should all be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The best way to prosecute them in American federal court would be via the RICO laws.

If one goes to google and types in “FBI to hunt white supremacists,” one book dominates the first several pages of results: The Killer's Shadow: The FBI's Hunt for a White Supremacist Serial Killer, by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, as if there were only one, and they got him! What about the white supremacist serial killers that ruled the colonial powers in Europe for the past 500 years and the USA from day 1 until today?

Isn’t President Biden maintaining the deadly economic sanctions against the poorest of the poor nations of the world, resulting in some nine million people staring to death every year, maintaining wars from Afghanistan all the way through the alphabet, and even now preparing the world for an American war against “communist(!)” China even though it has done nothing wrong whatsoever?

If the United States survives the upcoming Armageddon it appears ready to start at any time to bring the “malign” and “authoritarian” China to heel, the UN might, for the first time be forced to restructure itself to put forward a prosecution of the United States for its incalculably huge number of war crimes and crimes against humanity. But, by then it will probably be too late. In the thermonuclear Armageddon the USA is trying to launch, there were be no winners or losers, and the UN it unlikely to survive anyways.

At present they can’t do that because of the intentionally rotten structure built into the Security Council which allows any one vote to defeat any action. They haven’t restructured or disbanded the Security Council yet but they will, if anyone survives the upcoming wars American foreign policy makers hope to start.

[Complete article can be downloaded from Silk Road Virtual University.]

Current and past presidents, Congressional and Senate representatives that voted for wars, MSM news producers and publishers that played along and encouraged voters to believe those wars were good things, and NATO Chiefs should be aware I seriously doubt China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) likes being stereotyped as some kind of faceless dark malicious monstrous threatening killers, any more than them.

The difference is, the PLA are not those things, and individually and collectively current and past presidents, Congressional and Senate representatives that voted for wars, MSM news producers and publishers that encouraged voters to believe those wars were good things, and NATO Chiefs are in deed and fact the faceless dark malicious monstrous threatening killers.

When all is said and done it is probably best to simply replace the United Nations with something that actually might help foster world peace instead of promote wars like the current fake United Nations has been doing since the Nakba.

If the International Criminal Court really did its job in a time-efficient manner, there would be real deterrence to greedy politicians, corporate CEOs and board members, Intelligence Chiefs, and MSM news producers and editors propagating those wars.

I published the definitive Treatment Plan for Euro-American Leaders’ Pathological Greed and The Hate Pandemics They Cultivate to Feed it four entire days ago and not one single greedy politician, corporate CEO or board member, Intelligence Chief, or MSM news producer or editor propagating wars has come forward for treatment!

Ah yes, I know why. Thanks to illegal European and American censorship, American and European greedy politicians, corporate CEOs and board members, Intelligence Chiefs, and MSM news producers and editors propagating those wars and voters haven’t had the chance to read my definitive Treatment Plan for Euro-American Leaders’ Pathological Greed and The Hate Pandemics They Cultivate to Feed it.

So, it’s up to SCOTUS and/or possibly Attorney General Merrick B. Garland.

Heck, even the Catholic Pope Francis in Rome could order President Biden to back off all the serial murders, like via economic sanctions and all those wars given that President Biden is supposedly Catholic, and the Pope could excommunicate him for his vast number of irredeemable sins. But, he doesn’t. One can’t blame him though, he is busy with something more important, I’m sure.

New York Times at least should have learned from history instead of repeating it.

And yet now NYT is doing the same thing in a buildup to a war against China. They emailed me the proof!

They are clearly, and unambiguously fully cognizant of the criminal and deadly effects of their actions promoting many of America’s unjustifiable wars, and they have provable profit motivation, just like those priests, bishops, cardinals, popes and kings that preached the cursed crusades.

By the time they see, with the wisdom of hindsight, what they have wrought with their greedy intent, it will be too late.

So, it’s time to reopen Château d'If Prison and build a factory manufacturing Hannibal Lecter style face masks and special dollies to wheel those serial murderers around in when they are not locked safely away in impenetrable cells on Château d'If Prison Island.

Following that, real news investigators and reporters like: Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Ajit Singh, Alan Macleod, Eva Bartlett, Caitlin Johnstone, Mnar Muhawesh Adley, Ramzy Baroud, Scott Ritter, and legendary living martyrs to truth, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Hale and others can become the producers and Editors-in-Chief of real news programs in the USA, instead of the groveling sycophantic peddlers of government edicts that now rule criminal MSM news rooms.

Then, the reformed NYT can send out another email worldwide to reassure the children of the world they are finally safe from Euro-American white supremacism. (See above for sample.)

Lastly, if the greedy politicians, corporate CEOs and board members, Intelligence Chiefs, and MSM news producers and editors propagating wars don’t want to be vaporized in WWIII, or end up in Hannibal Lecter masks and on dollies, I emphatically urge they all to start vigorously start promoting my really very compassionate Treatment Plan for Euro-American Leaders’ Pathological Greed and The Hate Pandemics They Cultivate to Feed It, and engage in it themselves before it’s too late and it is now far later than anyone thinks, unless perhaps they’ve been on the receiving end of one of America’s predatory illegal wars before.

If they had of course, they wouldn’t need my very compassionate treatment plan, because they would not be so pathologically greedy and hateful promoting yet another American criminal war.

- - -

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