Colonialism and the Ongoing Genocide in Ethiopia – All you Need to Know

In 777 words and a few photos - Introduction to Made in America - Genocide in Ethiopia - A four-part article series

Above: The New Capitalist Warrior Kings of Africa - Not Afrika - Africa. Ethiopian Prime Minister and leader of the new “Unity Party” Abiy Ahmed Ali with former CIA Director and Secretary of State Pompeo, former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The USA, with the help of some friends has now solidified state capture of Ethiopia, headquarter location of the African Union – A great day for the USA! (A new series of wars and hells for Afrika.)

June 6, 2021 The genocide in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has been going on for seven months now. The UN is doing nothing and the slaughter continues. To understand events there one must examine the context in which they were created.

The past 500 years of colonialism and even world politics today are very easy to understand. Euro-American colonialists are inherently white supremacist to give them a unifying bond, uniformly amoral and totally capitalist. Over time they realized its easier to get the “colored savages” to fight each other rather than waste good white boys on the effort so they became masters at dividing indigenous groups within the Americas, Asia and Africa, setting them upon each other, then rolling in later on to “clean up the mess” and totally take over while congratulating themselves on their kindness.

The First Italo-Ethiopian War 1895 – 1896 in which the Italians claimed the entire country of Ethiopia as their own was bad enough, but then the Second Italo-Ethiopian War from 1935 – 1937 saw 200,000 Italian soldiers invade proving what a totally ineffectual entity the League of Nations (1920 - 1946) truly was, precisely the same as the modern so-called United Nations.

What the foreign invaders were really after was a solid base in East Afrika, and specifically the Ethiopian Highlands, the largest continuous elevated area on the continent, sometimes called the “Roof of Africa.” The highlands mountain areas extend from central and northern Ethiopia north into Eritrea. Those are deliciously cool and beautiful lands far better suited to the more delicate European constitutions than the deserts, Savannah and tropics found elsewhere in Afrika along with all manner of fearsome wildlife including those horrid malaria carrying mosquitos.

Jumping forward in time a bit we find the USA with an urgent “existential need” of some kind to rule the entire world forever that looks upon the ancient land of Ethiopia with disdain. Myopically addicted to fragmenting and dominating all nations of the earth in perpetuity, the clever but not wise directors of American foreign policies have decreed Ethiopia needs a good war to break it down some more, as if the droughts and endemic poverty brought about by predatory Euro-American aggression in Afrika weren’t enough.

So, the ever-so-clever but avaricious American foreign policy makers locked the former dominant political party called the TPLF located in the northern ancient holy Tigray region into power for an overly long time while feeding their corruption, and at the same time fed anger and resentment towards them from all directions, Eritrea to the north, and the other Ethiopian political parties to the south.

Following an election transferring power to the unified collection of other political parties, all the clever and amoral, but not wise Americans had to do was throw in some matches to start a jolly good war against the hapless Tigrayans who are now being slaughtered and gang-raped en masse by the Eritreans and the other Ethiopian ethnic groups in the south.

But the real cherry on the cake of this wonderful outcome (from a Euro-American capitalist DEMOCRATIC point of view) is that those “sneaky yellow devil COMMUNIST(!)” Chinese are being forced to stop helping economic development in Ethiopia at least for a while.

Ah yes, democracy and capitalism are so wonderful at least for the white supremacists who profit so much from them. Finally, the Great Rainbow Continent of Afrika is under the feet the kindly Americans, Arabs and Israelis who now rule the Ethiopian Highlands, and the African Union! “Let’s import the Middle East Wars to Africa(!)” they chanted with glee.

So now everyone, down on your knees and worship WHITENESS, while giving nods of approval to the Israelis and Arabs who are so rich, they can buy GOD, with God here meaning whoever is the Director of CIA at the moment.

Incidentally rumors that Ethiopian Prime Minister and leader of the new “Unity Party” Abiy Ahmed Ali keeps a jet fueled and ready to depart Ethiopia at moments notice are just that, rumors. He’s not worried at all that when the rest of Afrika figures out what he has done they might not be pleased.